It is unknown whether it would really be easier if the US President Donald Trump was in charge, but, according to the head of the Albanian government, membership into the US would be easier than with EU member states, who he says have "squeezed" Albania to meet the criteria.

"I remind the EU that the fulfillment of the five priorities has "squeezed" everything from the Albanian government. The European project is the right one for the future of our children, despite the skepticism we face from some member states," said Edi Rama.

With today marking Europe Day, Rama also gave a response to the Netherlands, as one of the skeptical countries in regards to the decision to open negotiations.

"It makes me laugh when such delegations come. They come in the morning to gather facts and leave in the afternoon. 

"They meet me, some MPs, they meet my beloved friend Lulzim Basha, and then leave. 

"What kind of facts can be collected within half a day, while the EC is an army of countless experts and bureaucrats who know facts, bring facts, talk about facts, and hear only facts?!" exclaimed Edi Rama.

According to the head of government, Germany, France and the Netherlands owe us and therefore they should give us an opportunity. 

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati said the European project cannot be called complete until the Western Balkans is a part of it.