The Euro's devaluation to the historic minimum of 121 lekë during the first three months of this year has yielded the first positive effects on the reduction of public debt.

The Bank of Albania notes that the effect of the exchange rate on foreign currencies has been positive to the amount of 39 million euro.

Despite the fact that the Albanian economy was damaged by this situation, exporters benefit because they pay less interest.

But beyond the positive effects of the euro decline, Albania's foreign debt has seen an annual growth of 6% or around 64 million euro.

Growth of the Gross Domestic Debt has been mainly in terms of long-term debt of the General Government and borrowing between companies in form of the direct investments.

The General Government owns about 46% of Albania's total Gross Domestic Debt, while the rest is distributed among the Banking System to other Sectors and the Monetary Authority.

According to the Bank of Albania, during the first three months, remittances have remained steady with the previous year at a value of 150 million euro.