After making the closing remarks of his speech, the Leader of the majority spent 40 minutes defending the work done by Albania for fulfilling the conditions of Brussels.

Edi Rama is convinced that the decision of France and the Netherlands to negotiate is no longer up to Albania, but directly related their domestic politics and economic interests.

“The EU today is conducting an internal debate imposed by intra-dynamics linked to a period of crisis that has been rising up since the outbreak of the severe refugee influx.

“I hear that Germany has set conditions. Why did Germany set the conditions? They do this for what?

Under the current conditions of the European Union, according to the Prime Minister, no country that is not already part of the union can expect to join.

In order to further depict Brussels' double standards in dealing with the Western Balkan countries, the Head of the Government referred to both Kosovo and Serbia as examples.

In relation to Kosovo’s situation, the Prime Minister pointed out that the EU is not willing to consider visa liberalization, whereas for Serbia the negotiation of new chapters has come to a halt.

The justice system needs to be cleared up, according to the Prime Minister, and to illustrate this point he made a denouncement regarding a case relating to a prosecutor in Durrës, but without providing any identifying details.

“I want, and we should, build a European Albania.

“I have been telling you for a long time that Vetting is not a process to dismiss individuals due to great wealth.

“It is simply a process of verification that everyone must undergo for the sake of progress.

“The prosecutor in Durres, who is both a prosecutor and worker for criminal organizations, someone who blackmails public administration employees, can't be arrested by the Prime Minister or the government, but can be held accountable before justice.

“We are building a justice system that makes arrests,” declared Rama.