Austrian Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz during a conference with Prime Minister Edi Rama expressed his country's support for the continuation of the integration process of Western Balkan countries towards the European Union. 

Despite Austria's support, Kurz said there are still some countries that have not yet decided and for that the opening of Albania's negotiations has not yet been secured.

"We support all Western Balkan countries in their EU integration and we want them to deliver the right reforms. There are some states in the EU that, because of the domestic situation, have a different attitude towards Albania, but we are here to support. 

"The Western Balkans needs the prospect of integration. This also guarantees greater stability across all of Europe. Albania has made a lot of progress and the country is on the right path for the accession negotiations," said Sebastian Kurz.

Austria's main concern is illegal migration and the meeting between Kurz and Rama saw a significant amount of time devoted to addressing this issue. Kurz praised Albania's readiness to fight this phenomenon and offered its support through tools and logistics.

"We are experiencing a new emigration path in the Balkans. Contrabandists are trying to take people from Greece through Albania. We have to fight this phenomenon and I am happy to say that the commitment is shared by Albania. 

"This problem should be treated now without becoming as disturbing as we saw back in 2015," said Sebastian Kurz.

In order to understand the full scale of international concern, Prime Minister Edi Rama referred to the concrete figures. When comparing the same period of this year to that of 2017, it is determined that the number of irregular migrants has risen by 2000.

"We have a growing trend. That is concerning, but it is not currently being controlled by us. We need greater co-operation," said Edi Rama.

Rama said Albania deserves the opening of negotiations before thanking his counterpart, Kurz, for Austria's support in our country's integration process.