The Former Deputy Minister of Technical Affairs, Ledina Mandia, made an appeal to the Prosecution of Tirana to investigate more than 3,000 cases of employment in state administration in return for votes in the election held on June 25 of this year.

The Prosecution Office of Tirana has now registered official criminal proceedings, setting up a task force to verify information with the Directorate of Taxes and Social Security.

The investigation team has requested data on all persons added or removed on social and health contribution lists in the pre-election and electoral campaign periods.

The Prosecution suspects that, in the lead up to the campaign in May and June, heads of state administration have offered temporary or permanent employment for different citizens in exchange for votes.

Prosecution sources told Ora News that, in this criminal proceeding, a considerable number of high level officials are under investigation for abuse of office.

Criminal charges were filed on August 18, 2017 by former Deputy Prime Minister Ledina Mandia, who led the task force for monitoring the employment in the election administration.