Despite the declaring the current parliament illegitimate and demanding the removal of the head of the government, the Democratic Party has expressed interest and wants to work on the electoral reform.

In an interview with Ora News, co-chair of the Special Commission, Oerd Bylykbashi responded to the majority, stressing that electronic voting and counting remains a top priority.

"Forget it! We will not retreat from electronic voting," said Oerd Bylykbashi. He then went on to explain:

"The Socialist Party does not care about electronic voting as they are concerned only about the manipulation of votes"

Calling out the Electoral Reform Committee Co-Chair, SP MP Blendi Çuçi, for his misunderstanding of the DPs stance, Democrat Bylykbashi clarified that the opposition has no desire for voting to occur online.

"Our proposal is for electronic voting, not online voting," clarified Bylykbashi, before adding: 

One of the main priorities of the reform will allowing emigrants to vote.

In closing, Minister Bylykbashi gave his personal assessment of the Socialist Party's involvement in the electoral reform, proclaiming:

"All the proposals from the government are ridiculous."