The Municipality of Tirana will ask the Municipal Council to approve the draft decision for the first line of new electric buses, which Mayor Veliaj has guaranteed will be put into operation this year.

"We have prepared a proposal for the Municipal Council to assess in late January. We will introduce a new line and anyone who brings new electric buses will immediately be offered the tender acquisition for it," he announced.

The Mayor also added that there are no more problems for those applying for licenses to operate electric taxis, either.

"There will be no more bureaucracy. No more waiting for tedious procedures to obtain licenses for public transport. If you apply for an electric taxi license you will receive it within 24 hours." said Erion Veliaj.

BERZH is assisting Tirana's Municipality for drafting the "Green City Action Plan", for managing development of the city without pollution.

Veliaj expressed his glee over Tirana being many times cleaner than three years ago thanks to greater engagement of municipal cleaning staff as well as also other initiatives such as the reduction of plastic bags, which have played a very important role.