Next week, the European Union delegation in Tirana expects Parliament to finalize its work on Electoral Reform.

This statement was made by Ambassador Luigi Soreca who also asked the government to pursue the fight against crime as a condition for negotiations next June.

At the conference on Transparency on Hidden Benefits, the Director of Rule of Law in the Council of Europe, Christos Jakumopoulos, called for a fight against this phenomenon, which is growing throughout Europe.

The European Union ambassador to Tirana, Luigi Soreca, is optimistic that next week the Parliamentary Commission will complete its work on electoral reform and vote in parliament.

This means that the opposition according to Soreca must return to the Assembly and finish this process.

“We are very pleased with the work done by the Commission of Electoral reform, with assistance from international experts with a very positive cross-party dialogue.

“This should be finalized in Parliament, with the joint work of both sides. We are hopeful that next week, the Electoral reform commission will resume work and vote for this reform,” said Luigi Soreca.

At the conference on the transparency of beneficiaries in the framework of hidden third-party owners, Soreca welcomed police action to crack down on crime and corruption, but called for more action as a condition for negotiations to be opened next year.

“In support of the government's plan that has approved to combat money laundering, to respond to the demands of the international community.

“Now is the time to move. A concrete result is needed, it is necessary to continue on the important path of judicial reform. We need to raise the institutions that the constitution requires,” added Soreca.

The Director of the rule of Law in the Council of Europe, Christos Jakumopoulos was present at the conference.

He said that this phenomenon is on the rise and to fight it needs a coordinated work between all parties.

“There are people who hide behind legitimate persons in order to gain property, benefits and this leads to fiscal evasion and concealment of crime such as money laundering or corruption,” said Kristos Jakumopoulos.

Justice Minister Etilda Gjonaj said that Albania has taken all legal measures to combat this phenomenon.