DP leader Lulzim Basha is satisfied with the notion to conduct elections on October 13th.

He agreed with statements made by the President, that October 13 should be the day to hold a triple election encompassing all levels of politics as a means of solving the political stalemate.

After discovering some details through a meeting with the President, Basha issued this statement:

“The Head of State considers October 13th as an opportunity to emerge from the political crisis through the conduct of snap elections. That is local elections and, as politically expressed, through presidential elections, thus implying constitutional changes.

“With the utmost appreciation for the President's stance, and his concern, I made it clear that the Democratic Party and the United Opposition are in this battle for the people.

“Unlike the June 30 farce, the upcoming elections should be for the people and not for the parties.

“In this function, the opposition is ready to take every step in order to guarantee Albanians their right to vote, a right that has been violated and alienated beyond any imagination.

“On 30 June, Edi Rama did not resist the temptation to steal the process, a process which he ran himself, counted himself,” declared Basha.

Meanwhile, in regards to his meeting with allies, Basha explained that they discussed for plans further political action.

“Today, in the meeting with the United Opposition, we discussed the further steps that will be thrown into our agenda of political action in relation to the people, in relation to the international factor and in relation to both those solutions that we expect and those that we will offer to the citizens.

“We have long discussed the economic emergency in the country.

“Because one of the biggest sins, one of the biggest mistakes of this gang that governs us, was drawing the opposition into the principled battle for the fundamental values of freedom and democracy.

“The fight against crime and drugs has strained Albania, her budget, her assets.

“It has stolen from and robbed the simple citizen, the wealth of this country, and ‘submerged’ the economy into its darkest days for at least two decades.

“Therefore, we have jointly discussed our economic platform for making the better economic choices that Albanians deserve, and will have, with the victory of the United Opposition, a victory which has already been confirmed not only through public opinion surveys, but also through the level of participation on June 20th,” concluded Basha.

/Ora News.tv/