German businesses estimate that the economic situation in Albania during year 2019 is deteriorating.

During the presentation of the survey, the German Ambassador, Susanne Schütz stressed that 51% of businesses are pessimistic about the performance of the economy this year and this is related to the high emigration of skilled workers.

“I emphasize that in general, we have a deteriorating economic situation compared to last year. More than 50% of businesses consider the economic situation as worsening in Albania, while last year the level was 39%.

“As well, the economic situation of the ventures themselves have been greatly disturbed, from 36% the last year to 13%.

“We are focused on the phenomenon of emigration that presents an added difficulty for businesses.

“If the skilled workers are emigrating and this is not just a perception, then it has a significant impact on the economy,” said Schütz.

The German Chamber of Commerce Director links this perception to the political crisis as well as legal security and corruption.

Deputy Minister Belinda Ikonomi said that measures have been taken to fight bureaucracy and corruption.

According to the German businesses, the performance of capital investments has remained unchanged.

Meanwhile, the factors rated most negatively are Legal Security, Public Administration, Predictability of Economic Policies, Transparency of public tenders, the Fight against Crime and Corruption and the political crisis.