The Democratic Party has declared that the state has failed in regards to social care and politics. Referring to the European Commission report, former DP MP Oriola Pampuri said that Albania's poverty rate has increased by 35.2%.

“The families in the country that are the most vulnerable - the unemployed, those in rural areas, the elderly, divorced women, people with disabilities, and the Roma and Egyptian communities - these are the people who suffer the most.

“A 35.2% increase in poverty means that the state has completely failed with care and social policies,” said Pampuri.

The disadvantages in regards to obtaining employment by persons with disabilities has also been confirmed by the individuals of this category.

Abdullah Omuri, Head of the Invalidity Association, says businesses do not care for disabled employees, offering unfavorable conditions for them.

He added that, in June alone, 3 cases of unfair dismissal relating to disabled employees were addressed to the court.

At the last session of the parliament for this season a new social assistance law has been approved, which removed the limit for the support of people with reduced working abilities.

“We are here with good news for all the people with disabilities who work.

“The 48-month limit on the disability payment for employed persons has been removed, thus promoting employment and integration of this category through employment, as they will benefit from the social protection package at all times.

“Until now, people with disabilities got disability benefits up to 4 years after employment while, with the new law, they get the benefit without interruption,” said Minister Manastirliu.