Contrary to the World Bank report, which lists Albania among the most corrupt countries, the President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Suma Chakrabarti, says the Albanian government is moving in the right direction.

He declined to comment on the rather disturbing data contained within the report, arguing that the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development did not contribute to the drafting of the document.

“In fact, I think that Albania, with this government, is on the right track to improve the climate of investment, reduce corruption and to become a very good country for foreign investments. I think that this government is going on the right direction,” said the EBDR President.

The President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development also praised the reform of the justice system which, according to him, will have an even greater impact on improving the business climate.

“If you look at the reform of the judiciary, it is becoming more efficient and more independent, which is very good. It's better governance, reform and public administration doing good things like adding more online services.

“And that's something to look at because they help reduce corruption,” said EBRD President.

The World Bank published the report, which shows that the level of corruption in Albania has increased in the last 6 years, becoming three times higher than in the region.

In the survey, 36% of Albanian businesses complain that corruption has become a major obstacle to their work.