The final Saturday of March coincides with the famous environmental event taking place all around the world; Earth Hour.

The symbolism of this event consists of turning off the lights for an hour as a sign of unity against climate change.

Romeo Hanxhari, the ambassador of “Earth Hour”, stated: “last year, 2.8 billion people participated in this event. This year, they will be even more,” 

Everywhere around the world, from 8:30 to 9:30 pm, the lights will be turned off, and even Tirana will be joining this year.

“Tirana will turn off the lights of Clock Tower, the new bazaar, the National museum, and will organize a fantastic youth celebration to hear the message our planet has for us. The goal is to do something while it's not too late,” said Hanxhari.

Supporters say Earth Hour aims to raise people’s awareness and to listen to the needs of the planet. Many of the capital’s youth have united in this initiative to raise awareness and connect communities under the motto “Connect to Earth”.