A salary increase is now foreseen in the coming year also for prison staff and diplomats. 

The next year's project budget has already been transferred to the government, and according to Finance Minister Arben Ahmetaj, beyond the doctors, teachers and defense personnel, prison staff and diplomats will also benefit from salary increases.

“3,560 prison officers in the prison system will benefit from a fund of almost 200 million lekë a year. 

“There will also be a significant rise in the salaries of Albanian diplomats, to the value of over 20%,” said Arben Ahmetaj.

Meanwhile, this year, no new infrastructure investments are expected. 

Minister of Finance Arben Ahmetaj said that by the end of 2019, public debt is expected to fall below 64.9%, from the level of 70% now, while economic growth is projected to amount to 4.3%.

“The next year will see the bypass of Fier open as well as the upgraded work for the bypass of Vlora. In March or April the Elbasani Highway will become completely passable. 

“All in all the failure to adhere to the intial timeline has caused the costs to increase by nearly 40% when compared to the initial bid,” added Ahmetaj.

According to Finance Minister Arben Ahmetaj, the attention will be focussed on the rehabilitation of health centers and the health system.

“We finish this year with 80 health centers that the Prime Minister has promised to us. For 2019 we have 100 new centers and, by 2021, all of the 380 health centers in the Republic of Albania will have been reconstructed,” declared Ahmetaj.

The Budget for 2019 also focuses on financing of the creation of new institutions, such as those tasked with vetting, with a fund of 2.2 billion lekë. An increase for the coming year is also envisaged for the education budget.

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