The Democratic Party has reacted after the release of members of the "Bajri" group from prison. In a statement to the media, former MP Enkelejd Alibeaj accuses Prime Minister Rama of being connected to crime, as on the one hand he frees criminals and on the other hand he violates and imprisons citizens.

Statement by Enkelejd Alibeaj:

The release from prison of the terrible criminal group of Bajri proved today, repeatedly, that Edi Rama's regime has its foundations in crime and that justice reform has failed, becoming a shield for criminal groups in the service of the prime minister's power.

The release of the Bajri criminal group, with which Edi Rama stole and bought the elections in Shkodra, confirmed to the citizens the truth that we have been saying for a long time, who is part of the criminal groups, the government and justice, under its dictatorship, does everything to save him.

Who is protesting, who is defending the cultural heritage, who is demanding that Albania become like Europe, who is demanding respect for freedoms and rights, who is seeking to fight crime and corruption, who is denouncing Edi Rama and his gang as a tool of oligarchs to steal Albania, is beaten, dragged, imprisoned.

Among the youth, artists and honest citizens and the terrible gang of Bajri, known in the Shkodra area for macabre murder, drug trafficking and prostitution, Edi Rama chooses to stand by criminals, protect them, relieve them of charges and release them from prison.

Only through them can Edi Rama maintain his rotten power from crime, corruption, black money holding him hostage as the only prime minister in Europe who is destroying the cultural heritage to erect concrete towers with oligarchs and groups criminal like those who were released today.

This is one more reason to protest! Let's not leave life in the hands of a regime that has made a pact with crime against citizens. It is an honor for everyone to be in the square of protest today, together with the artists, with the youth, with the opposition.

The Democratic Party calls on the Police and the Prosecution to renounce violence and pressure on citizens. It is unacceptable that the police are behaving like a blind political tool by not allowing citizens from outside Tirana to join the protest at 17.30. Any police officer or prosecutor who, instead of enforcing the law, plunges into the mire of Edi Rama's illegality and corruption, should be clear that nothing will be forgotten!