The Mayors of Lezha and Mallakastra are being prosecuted whilst in a free state over statements made to RTV Ora on the June 30th elections.

Frrokaj said he would defend the property of the municipality, while Kapllanaj said he would be the first to go to jail, warning resistance to the process.

“I will defend my properties until the end. If I do not protect, I violate the law,” said Frrokaj.

“In June 30, I want to go to jail. I will not allow elections in Mallakastra because I will enforce the law. I will enforce the President decree. Let them come and put me in prison. It is my honor to be imprisoned for the purpose of preserving democracy, to not allow dictatorships to return to this country,” said Kapllanaj.

Police reported that Fran Frrokaj and Agron Kapllanaj were penally prosecuted for "Obstruction of electoral subjects" and "Calls for violent actions".

Proceedings were undertaken by the police and prosecution of Lezha and Fier after the stance taken by the Democratic mayors in the studio of RTV Ora.

“We will not allow elections on June 30. We will not go back because we do not wish to make the same mistakes our grandparents made in 1944 and remain hostage for another 40 years,” said Aurel Bylykbashi.

This statement has resulted in the former Democratic MP in Elbasan, Aurel Bylykbashi, facing three charges.

He is accused by the police of three penal offenses, "Public Call for Violent Actions", "Forcible Obstruction of Political Party Activity" and "Obstruction of Electoral Subjects".

Meanwhile, three people have been arrested for crimes against the election process in Tirana and three others have been declared “wanted”.

All together with other persons, they are accused of attacking the Kamza CEAZ in an attempt to stop preparations for the electoral process, according to the opposition's stance to enforce the decree of President Ilir Meta.

In Mirdita, two leaders of the Youth Forum of the Democratic Party have been prosecuted for electoral crimes.

But on the other hand, while opposition-run municipalities submit official requests and public calls for the cancellation of the electoral process, the Central Election Commission and Commissions of Electoral Administration Zones continue preparations.

Meanwhile, the opposition municipalities have warned that the next step will be protests to oppose the electoral process.