Democratic Party Chair, Lulzim Basha, proposed conditions for participating in the elections of June 30, 2019.

Explaining the proposal during a DP leadership meeting today, held in parallel to the parliamentary session, Basha stated:

“The Democratic Party of Albania will be registered in the elections only after the conditions for free and fair elections have been established.

“The deep political crisis in the country does not provide democratic standards for free and fair elections.

“It has been proven that the Government of Edi Rama has cooperated with organized crime for the purchase of votes.

“The Democratic Party of Albania will not allow the organization of façade elections which undermine democracy and the will of the Albanian people.

Not only are the Democratic Party threatening not to participate if their conditions are not met, but they have expressed commitment to preventing the elections from being held entirely.

How the DP expects to achieve a complete impediment of the elections remains unclear.

 “The Leader of the Democratic Party and the Secretary General will be appointed as the negotiators to discuss with political parties of the opposition.

“The discussion must focus on the agreement for guaranteeing free and fair elections, the protection of public interest and the formalization of opposition's action to achieve these goals,” said Basha.

At this point, it seems the opposition is warming up to the idea of a political deal, given that the executives mandated Lulzim Basha and Gazmend Bardhi to negotiate with the allied parties.

The Socialist Movement for Integration also gathered their executive and former parliamentary group.

Luan Rama said that, under the conditions of the country, the only goal of the opposition is to lead the country to guaranteed free and honest elections.