Following the allegations against Valdrin Pjetri, the Democratic Party headquarters have commenced protests in the city of Shkodra against the new mayor.

With banners strung across vehicles along the main road of the Northern capital declaring “Narco-Valdrini Out”, the opposition supporters demanded his departure from the Municipality.

On the other hand, through a status via Facebook, the Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha demanded that the new Mayor of Shkodra, Valdrin Pjetri, be investigated under the Anti-mafia law.

“Valdrin Pjetri must be urgently taken in for questioning over violations of the Law on Decriminalization for the actions of concealing information of his past as a drug trafficker.

“However, Edi Rama has ordered the corrupt prosecution to protect him from being held accountable under the decriminalization law,” said Basha.

The “Rama Must GO” movement is expected to return again in September, with Lulzim Basha warning just a few days ago that the Democratic Party would return again to protesting against this government.

“Crime and Edi Rama go hand in hand. To get rid of crime, we must get rid of Edi Rama! The outbursts of the “Psycho Thief” and his gang impact on the safety and livelihoods of every Albanian family,” posted Basha.

According to the opposition leader, as long as Edi Rama is in charge of the government, there will have no punishment for incriminated politicians.