The 4th edition of the opposition's major protests will be held on the 11th of May at 6pm. This time, the Democratic Party has decided to change their strategy.

The protest will not take place in front of Parliament, but will now escalate throughout the districts with the intention of causing numerous road blocks.

This Thursday the main entry point for the capital is expected to be blocked, a decision which was made at a meeting of the DP’s College of Chairpeople. During the meeting the DP chair, Lulzim Basha, gave a speech, expressing:

“Elections without the opposition are a farce. We will no longer allow crime to dictate the elections in Albania.

“The elections will be held after the 2017 vote-thieves are punished.

“With Edi Rama, and Dako and Gjiknuri at his side, there cannot be free elections - neither today nor any other time. Only his departure paves the way for the political solution we have asked for."

Basha has called for all structures to be in constant contact with the citizens in order to maintain the highest possible attendance for the protest.

He went on by emphasizing that stability is protected only by defending democracy and by refusing to invest in crime.