The Democratic Party has published a letter by the 'File Authority' stating that the member of the High Council of Prosecution, Bujar Sheshi, is an insurance collaborator as the results of his file have shown. 

MP, Gent Strazimiri, said that the Vetting Authorities have ignored this fact in order to serve under Prime Minister Edi Rama and to keep under control the new justice organs.

“The official documents show that he is a state security co-worker and therefore the procedure for his appointment should have been terminated immediately. The law makes it clear that a State Security co-worker should be forbidden of becoming part of the new justice bodies,” stated Strazimiri.

Strazimiri listed the reasons why Prosecutor, Bujar Sheshi was held in the system while accusing Chief Prosecutor, Arta Marku.

“Bujar Sheshi should not have been a member of the High Council of Prosecution, but Arta Marku qualified so that the government and she herself could blackmail him to keep him under their control.

As he suggested that vetting authorities are only loyal to their party, the Democratic MP raised these questions:

“Why did the Dossier Authority published their findings 3 months late after finding the absolute inadequacy of Bujar Sheshi as the leader of what is called " New Justice "?