The Democratic Party is determined in its position not to vote for the so-called "Magistrates Law" even after the invitation of the European Union embassy or the United States. 

In an interview for the Ora News, DP MP Enkelejd Alibeaj says the Socialists' proposals are in contravention of the Constitution.

"I personally ask that the Constitution be applied as it applies to America. Every law must be in compliance with the Constitution and that includes the Law on Magistrates also," said Enkelejd Alibeaj.

Referring to the Constitution consolidated in consensus two years ago, the chairman of the Law Commission says that the competence for the magistrate's school is on the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Councils. 

Neither the High Council of Justice nor the head of the prosecution, currently Arta Marku, can appoint new magistrates.

"Do you remember what the US ambassador said about the General Prosecutor and the High Council of Justice? They do not punish the judges; do not punish prosecutors, correctly. 

"How can we go back to some values, in fact anti-values from four years ago when we started reform in justice?" said Enkelejd Alibeaj.

The Democratic Party has noted the whole process of Vetting so far, while Alibeaj says with conviction that it is confirming in office only those judges and prosecutors who have shown that they support Prime Minister Edi Rama.

"They pass today and are confirmed in duty and this happens only by the call of Edi Rama. Tomorrow they will serve him in order not to find anything against him from the application of the criminal law. So simple and understandable is this whole system. 

"And at this point the instrument being used by Edi Rama is the organ of vetting," said Enkelejd Alibeaj.

The Democratic Party MP said that the government is interested in getting their hands on the process of vetting, arguing that this process will define the new sphere of justice.