Today, still 9 QSUT services are without their department head and following the selection of 32 new chiefs from the Ministry of Education and Health, competitive doctors of these services have brought the case to Court over the decision on irregularities in the election process and the lack of fulfillment of required criteria.

Sources told Ora News that the departments of cardiosurgery, dermatology, endocrinology, and infantive surgeries are now under a trial process in the administrative court.

But what are some the reasons behind why doctors are bringing such a case to court?

Well, according to them, the process has had a number of irregularities since its inception, but the decision by the Ministries to appoint new chiefs should be expected in order to appeal it.

The conditions to be a director of a QSUT service requires that the candidate should have a contract with the faculty, serve as a lecturer for a certain period of time and to have a specialized degree.

Just as in the Ora News broadcast on Thursday, around 7 candidates have admitted to violations of the Higher Education Law as several did not have general surgeon diplomas while others presented unpublished diplomas by the Ministry of Education Education. 

In response, competing doctors have sued this decision and are presenting their justifications.

When asked about the continuation of the process for the nine services, the Ministry of the Interior has not yet given a response, therefore, the 32 new chiefs in the QSUT hospital have already been selected.

Pёrktheu: Paola Pupla