Gent Stroni, a doctor who specialized in infectious diseases was assaulted by a relative of a patient at QSUT.

Records show that the patient went to get a flu shot, which doctors say is a service taken in the neighborhood medical clinic. However, doctor Stroni has asked him to wait in line as it is was not an urgent matter. The request caused one of the patient's family members to become highly irritated and resulted in the doctor getting fist punched.

The doctors in QSUT held a symbolic protest for their colleague through the submission of a petition near the hospital's headquarters, where they sought more security in the work environment.

The Directorate of the "Mother Teresa" University Hospital Center reacted to the incident as well, and the Minister of Health, Ogerta Manastirliu, called it a barbaric act and stated that such a threat must be classified as a penal offense. Stating:

"Such acts cannot be tolerated, so I've proposed a change in the Penal Code to consider threats against doctors a criminal offense.

"Also, there will be a series of discussions to review this medical error and the way it was handled. Certainly, the voices of our medical professionals will be heard and I believe this initiative is important to ensure the respect and dignity of our doctors, as they deserve, "said Manastirliu.

Others at QSUT have also condemned violence against doctors. Stating in their most recent announcement:

"Any act of aggression against doctors or health personnel as a whole during their exercise of duty is unacceptable. Any act of violence against those wearing white coats is unacceptable and must be treated seriously by competent authorities," 

QSUT says this is not an isolated case, but rather a recurring case that doctors and nurses in the hospital deal with while they exercise their duties.

Moreover, QSUT called upon law enforcement to look into what happened and to give the perpetrator his deserved punishment.

"We have a strong appeal to the public opinion: to understand and support the medical professionals during their work, who despite the situation, in no case, neglect the human mission: that of giving first aid and saving human lives" , said the statement issued by QSUT.

Police have declared a search for the 45-year-old who assaulted the doctor at the Emergency Hospital in Tirana. The criminal proceedings have initiated against the perpetrator with the initial A.M. and we have learned that he is in fact a resident of Tirana.