Just a few days ago, the Prime Minister warned the Deans that he would remove their autonomy if they did not evaluate the academic titles.

This clash between Prime Minister Edi Rama and the pedagogical troupe regarding the autonomy of universities has brought about a response from President Ilir Meta.

Opposing the violation of autonomy, he emphasized that it is more important to strengthen the universities' ability for scientific research in order to further assist the labor market.

“The student protests last December proved that the implementation of the current Law on Higher Education has problems. It remains difficult to secure the autonomy and financial independence of public universities.

“The Reform of Higher Education should have a more comprehensive spirit.

“It should aim to create the right conditions to improve the quality of teaching and to aim for universities to be independent and unconditional by politics,” said Meta.

The alarming rate at which the youth of Albania emigrate abroad is another major concern for the President and, as such, he called for immediate measures to be taken.

In relation to the implementation of the Student Card, Meta expressed concern regarding the delay.

“The delay in equipping students with a "Student Card" is unjustified. It is an immediate obligation in order to guarantee the student rights that derive from it as well as other students in the countries of the region and Europe,” concluded Meta.

/Ora News.tv/