Waste has covered the coast at the estuary of the Seman River in Fier following the intense rainfall that engulfed the country over the last few days.

Plastics and other materials, even dangerous waste, have washed ashore from the sea after the river saw a large intake of additional sea flow.

The situation is alarming, but common at this time in all the estuaries of rivers, as after the rain it is can often be observed that the urban waste thrown into them washes ashore.

Fier is now flooded by waste, whereas Durrës is suffering from floods from the rain, as always.

Water on the road reached a few centimeters and, as a result, both people and vehicles has difficulties travelling.

The most problematic situation was on the Beach Road, Taulantia promenade, although many other areas were also affected. 

Floods on the streets of Durrës show up whenever there is heavy rainfall since the sewers do not withstand the removal of water.

A sailboat sank overnight at Himara Harbor, from where it had remained anchored since the close of the tourist season.

It has been learned that, because of the bad weather, the cords that kept the boat anchored had broken, causing the boat to become half submerged in the water.

/Ora News.tv/