In the last days of this parliamentary season, a more softened political rhetoric has been observed, particularly in regards to the Socialist Party who seem to have taken their foot off the accelerator in regards to their actions to dismiss President Meta and Arben Malaj.

The Majority today chose to postpone the procedures against Ilir Meta until September, with the request for the dismissal of the members of the Supervisory Council for the Bank of Albania receiving the same fate.

Furthermore, 28 Socialist MPs demanded the commencement of procedures for the removal of Arben Malaj from his post with the Bank of Albania because, according to them, the former Socialist has violated professional ethics through public appearances in conflict with the policies of the institution he leads.

But it was the Speaker of Parliament, Gramoz Ruçi, who, in the last plenary session for this season, overthrew the request of the Socialist MPs as, according to him, it is the government's competence to undertake such an initiative and not the MPs.

At the launch of the new parliamentary session in September, the majority will review the proposals regarding both President Ilir Meta and the Head of the High State Control.

It is not yet known if the name of Petraq Milo will receive the votes of the Socialists or if he will suffer the same rejection as Vitore Tusha and Bahri Shaqiri.