The Independent Qualification Commission has dismissed the prosecutor of the Serious Crimes Appeal Court, Artan Bajrami, from duty.

The chair of the trial panel stating: “The trial panel, after examining all the documentation submitted by the assessment institutions, conducted a deep administrative investigation procedure for all three evaluation criteria and after hearing the subject, it has been decided to dismiss him from duty.”

The Independent Qualification Commission said that this decision can be appealed in the Appeal Chamber.

Artan Bajrami has inaccuracies in the documentation showing his payment for the purchase of an apartment.

According to the High Inspectorate of Declaration and Audit of Assets and Conflict of Interests, ILDKPKI, Artan Bajrami has a 120 square meter apartment, which he purchased for 6.5 million lekë in year 2000, and an apartment in Kavaja which he reportedly bought on credit.