If you encounter problems on national roads in terms of signaling or maintenance, you can file a complaint via a new app called “Digital Street”.

The Director of the World Bank in Albania, Maryam Salim, said that this way of citizen reporting will impact on performance growth from institutions, but at the same time will increase transparency.

“We are interested in seeing levels of public participation for disseminating information as this would ensure more transparency, would improve the performance of public institutions and above all is a tool to fight corruption.

“The platform aims to gather more information and in a more efficient manner for the state of roads,” declared Maryam Salim.

Meanwhile Minister Damian Gjiknuri said this initiative will especially affect the performance measurement of the maintenance companies for which there was also criticism. 

“I am convinced that this model is well to be replicated and for the rest of the maintenance in the country, for contracts that unfortunately money has been badly spent, without performance, firms that take money and do nothing. 

“If there was some frost or blockage of roads leading to any a tool to open the way but this is not the maintenance we expect. 

“This model can be replicated in the long run with all other types of contracts,” said Damian Gjiknuri.

The World Bank finances a number of projects for road maintenance across the country.

Pёrktheu: Paola Pupla

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