Prime Minister Edi Rama today presented the digital library for all university students.

During his speech Rama targeted lecturers and Deans, stating that a division has to be made between 'charlatan' professors and those who truly deserve respect for the knowledge they convey and for the work they do.

Prime Minister Rama warned of the government's intention to intervene if the University Administration itself does not re-evaluate the academic titles of the professors.

The Prime Minister added that the government's objective for the digital library was realized within the agreed deadline.

Focusing on recent announcements of resuming student protests, the head of government explained that these are the attempts of those who want to create riots, while saying that not each of their requests actually relate to the government.

“Anyone who thinks they can threaten the government with protests or made-up situations is wrong.

“We are here to conduct the reforms and to see them through to the end. We are not here to provide reform in the ‘chair’, we are here to do the task and the protest of the students was a very important catalyst," stated Prime Minister Rama.

Prime Minister Edi Rama accused the university administrations of hindering the review of academic titles.

“The university administration pretends not to hear and to not understand though. We cannot leave the fate of the children in the hands of those who do not want to open this process and are afraid by the evaluation of academic titles,” added Rama.

According to the Prime Minister, the universities must undergo radical changes. He blamed the administration for some of the problems encountered in universities.

The Head of the government also stated that the students will evaluate the performance of their lecturers.

“We as a government are keeping our promise to deliver a digital library for universities. This will help any student or lecturer find information about everything they want.

“We are doing all that the students want and have demanded of us. The time has come for us to refer to the Higher Education Law for the University Administration.

“The university administration is where the problems need to be resolved.

“Right now, the intervention by the Ministry of Education is needed, because the Administration of University of Tirana did not have the will to meet the requirements of the students,” Rama argued.

Regarding the digital library, the address where students and professors can obtain information is “”. The library will contain information for all areas of study.