This is the new look of Dibra Street, which has not only been intervened by reconstructing it but also by adding a lane dedicated to bicycles. 

Mayor Veliaj said the works were closed in record time while the promotion of travelling by bicycle was also an aim.

"This is another entrance of Tirana which has been completely renovated and gives the message to people that, here, there is another quality of doing work. There is cleanliness, hygiene and order. 

"Despite the fact that we had an extraordinary season with rains, we managed to finish the work in record time, even with bicycle lanes. 

"Throughout this summer, we will promote the movement with bicycles and I believe that this is a good day for Albania and our Tirana," said Erion Veliaj.

Veliaj said that the Municipality will continue to intervene with investments in every neighborhood of the city, while promising that they will work with more energy in the next mandate.

"We will continue investing in all residential blocks. 

"We will do a final boost this last year of our mandate, to make sure that this four-year time covered major emergencies for Tirana and then, in the next mandate, we will continue with more power and energy for the Tirana of our dreams," said Erion Veliaj.

Along with works on the Dibra road, The Municipality of Tirana also worked on the realization of the project of rehabilitating the facades of public buildings.