The Albanian Parliament addresses the European Union member states with a resolution to open negotiations with Albania on October 17-18 when the EU Council is expected to meet.

Through this 10-point Document, the Assembly is committed to ensuring a comprehensive dialogue on Albania's integration, but not exceeding the Albanian constitution and institutions.

The legislature expresses its full will to advance reforms in a cross-party spirit and in full cooperation with civil society.

The Assembly also urges the Albanian institutions to undertake their responsibilities for the performance of their duties in order to fulfill the recommendations of the Council of Europe.

Meanwhile, in spite of the Parliament's willingness for a comprehensive dialogue to move the country forward for negotiations, the fight between the Socialist Party and the President's institution continues.

It will be the chair of the Socialist Party's parliamentary group, Taulant Balla, who will defend the SP's interest of dismissing the President following the cancellation of elections in the Venice Commission, which will take place on October 11-12.

Meanwhile, President Ilir Meta himself spoke to Ora News two days ago that October 11th is over and anyone running to this date only wants the crisis deepened.