The Democratic Party abandoned the hearing set up for assessing the candidates for commissioners of the People's Advocate Institution.

DP MP Eduard Halimi described the process as illegal after the proposed candidatures were not selected in collaboration with the civil society.

He gave his support for the request of the current head of the People's Lawyer for termination of the process and the reopening of the race.

"The process of electing commissioners for the People's Lawyer is illegal" said Eduard Halimi.

Following these comments, the right-wing MPs left the room immediately.

Meanwhile the Chairman of the Laws Commission, Ulsi Manja, responded to right-wing accusations by clarifying the legitimacy of the former People's Lawyer, Igli Totozani.

"The Lawyer's mandate is valid until the new one swears his or her oath" said Ulsi Manja.

The meeting continued as the SMI and Socialist MPs remained listening to the platforms of 8 candidates from the academic world and public administration.