The new political party, known as the “Democratic Conviction” led by Astrit Patozi, has officially been registered for the June 30th elections, even though the Court verdict has not yet come to an end.

With 4 votes in favor of majority representations and with a vote against by the chair, Klement Zguri, the Central Election Commission accepted the request of the Democratic Conviction group.

In support of his vote against , Zguri gave this argument, stating:

“It is the law that gives us limits. In the elections of 2015, the same sort of case was dealt with and it was placed in the non-registration group of that subject,” said Zguri.

The "Shkodra 2015" party is the precedent that Zguri refers to, for which, at that time, the Central Election Commission voted seven to zero, refusing the registration of a contestant in the election, with the only argument being that the court's decision serves as a final verdict even beyond legal deadlines for party registration.

In the decision of the Central Election Commission, it is argued that if the court's decision becomes final beyond the deadlines set for registration, any political entity cannot be accepted into the contest.

Meanwhile, for the new "Democratic Conviction" party, four citizens complained that the subject had falsified signatures for its creation during a session at the Appeal Court.

The Central Election Commission recorded 7 political entities, bringing the number of parties that will participate in the June 30th elections up to 42.