Recent floods have highlighted another problem that faces the country-- that of environmental permits.

Given this, Mayor Erion Veliaj has held back criticism torwards the Environmental Ministry by demanding that process of issuing environmental permits be passed on to local governments.

In line with the head of government, Veliaj said decentralization is needed.

“We must decentralize environmental permits.

“It makes no sense that for 5 years we have been meeting to discuss environmental permits. Corrupt environmental inspectorates need to be expelled,” said Veliaj.

In a harsh tone, Veliaj criticized the opposition's stance that, according to him, as the country faced the damages of the recent earthquake, seeking power is their only interest.

Meanwhile, the head of the district council and the Deputy Interior Minister emphasized realistic policies in service of the citizens.

In the aftermath of the earthquake, Tirana alone saw 1,200 damaged houses. Veliaj guaranteed that all uninhabited houses would be rebuilt, while others with less damage would be reimbursed.