The Socialist mayor of Lezha, who emerged from the June 30 voting, took up the new post without incident as he found the door of the institute open, without having to enter into the premises forcibly, as his counterparts did a few weeks ago.

But the Socialists had to use this scheme to get the district council office.

Deputy Mayor, Agostin Marku accused the newly elected leaders a few days ago of having usurped the institution by police, forcibly opening the main door of the institution.

According to Marku, the mandates of the Regional Council are unlawful and will therefore be referred to the Administrative Court.

Meanwhile, the new Head of the Lezha District, Eduard Ndreca, officially began work this morning, and the main door of the institution has been firmly opened in the presence of police forces.

He claimed that he had been given two days off to allow for the release of the office and was forced to act.