500 million euro is the damage caused to the state budget as a result of favoritism in the gambling market. This was the accusation the Democratic Party addressed to Prime Minister Edi Rama. 

At a press conference, Democratic MP Endri Hasa declared that the Prime Minster, Edi Rama, is pushing the entry into force of the law on gambling to favor his brother. 

"For the implementation of Edi Rama's corruption plan and the increase of informality in the gambling market directly relates to the family of the Prime Minister and so far has caused the state budget a loss of at least 500 million euro. 

"Edi Rama is postponing the entry into force of a law enacted or 3 years ago. He is doing this to allow gambling opportunities and betting points to expand and thereby increase the profits of his brother's company," said Endri Hasa. 

The Blue headquarters reiterated their promise that, should they come into power, they will annul any selective law, any monopoly concession and revise the anti-mafia law. 

"The Democratic Party is determined to annul any selective law, any monopoly concession, and any favoritism from the powers that be that are currently linked to organized crime. 

"According to the State Department, they are laundering money even through the expansion of the gambling market," said Endri Hasa. 

According to the Democratic Party, the country has 1940 unlicensed gambling businesses which have opened over the past two years which have never seen any administrative sanctions. 

/Ora News.tv/