The weakening of the euro is severely hurting Albanian exports and, consequently, the economy as well. 

With this argument, the only representative of the opposition MPs from the ranks of SMI within the Economy Committee, Edmond Haxhinasto, proposed that the Assembly demand the Bank of Albania to intervene to solve this problem. 

But, the speaker of the Commission, Anatas Angjeli reminded that their only option is to provide recommendations because they do not have jurisdiction over this institution. 

"The Bank of Albania must intervene and stop the devaluation of the euro," declared Edmond Haxhinasto.

"We can only give recommendations," responded Anatas Angjeli.

Meanwhile, the SP MP, Ervin Bushati retorted that the benefits of the weakening of Euro are greater than the losses, especially as they apply to all citizens.

"Exporters are damaged, but the citizens benefit overall," said Ervin Bushati.

Even the head of the Economics Committee, Erjon Braçe, suggested that more care should be taken when influencing the exchange rate market, and asked the Bank of Albania to be more demanding of the government for the implementation of reforms for economic growth.

The Committee on Economics and Finance approved the draft resolution with recommendations for the Bank of Albania's activity, including the request for increased attention to the devaluation of the Euro. 

Currently, one Euro is being exchanged at 128.7 Lek and the forecasts are for a further weakening in the coming months.