At the annual award ceremony, the "Golden Bee", Prime Minister Edi Rama informed business representatives of simplified customs procedures, which will be developed electronically within a few months.

 "You will not see any customs officers anymore. You will not see them, really. Customs officers will go to the background, into offices. They will no longer be physically represented anywhere with customers.

"The whole process of relations with Customs will take place electronically, without paperwork, without direct interaction with custom officers," explained the Prime Minister.

 The Head of the Government also focused on the platform of co-governance, stressing that it has already provided the first positive effects evidenced with the Immovable Properties Office, where 35 employees have been prosecuted on the back of complaints raised by citizens.

 "The second example. We have a problem all together with the Immovable Properties Office.

"I tell you this, thanks to the fact that a certain number of citizens, who have remained at the doors of the offices for months, years to obtain their titles of ownership, they now have the opportunity, spending only 3 minutes, to write to us via our platform.

"35 workers have not only been dismissed, but also taken all the way to the Prosecutor's Office. This is the difference that we have achieved." said Edi Rama.

 The prime minister said the platform of co-governance which handles citizens' complaints has also revealed the issuance unfair fines imposed by members of the tax department.