According to the Democratic Party, the deal for Rodoni Cape is a corrupt and clientelistic decision by the Rama government.

Secretary for Economic Affairs, Dorian Teliti, says that control over the state by criminal gangs and oligarchs is the main reason that Albania is excluded from the European Union.

“The Cape of Rodon has been given to Roland Ziu, and for 35 years the media has known his as an international drug trafficker.

“For years this trafficker has been closely associated with the power of Edi Rama. Not too long ago, Erion Veliaj granted him the concession of the Southern transport terminal.

“The capture of the state by criminal organizations and oligarchs is the main reason Albania is out of the European Union,” said Teliti.

According to the Democratic Party, there was no real competition for this concession, and in fact, the competition was dissolved thus turning Edi Rama and Belinda Balluku's decision into one based solely on their preferences. The Democratic Party vows to return “the people” to the government through free and fair elections.