After receiving criticism from Croatian about the pollution of the Adriatic Sea, Albania has now become a part of a mutual cooperation on the issue of cleanliness.

The joint project between the countries of the region, which has the support of the European Union, aims at finding both short-term and long-term solutions for a cleaner coast and cleaner territories.

"Today we come with the good news from the European Union that also Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are interested in joining the cooperative. 

"In this way, for the first time the 5 states will come together to have a great projectthat will once and for all solve all the problems we have in the Adriatic Sea," said Deputy Environment Minister, Ornela Çuçi.

The action to be taken on the ground has clear points of intervention, while in parallel the Deputy Minister of Environment clarified that fines will apply to all environmental offenders.

"The environmental permit will determine if this business can operate or not. If it can, it must only in accordance with the regulations of the environmental permit," said Ornela Çuçi.

The discussion held in Shkodra with representatives of these organizations is the first step in developing a project that hopes to benefit from European Union funding in the near future.