Heavy burdens on the Albanian economy highlight the abuses and scandals in the country's major road projects.

The most recent case is that of the “Salillari” Company on the construction of the underpass for the New Ring Road, which was previously disqualified by the Albanian Road Authority as it did not meet their outlined criteria.

The director of the Albanian Center for Economic Research, Zef Preçi, says that in Albania the winner is predetermined by individuals at a high level.

Also, the well-known expert points out that in many cases the criteria for participation in tendering has been adjusted for large companies.

Preçi says that the lack of transparency in the development of project-competitions in Albania has a direct impact on raising the level of public debt.

The “Salillari” company was officially qualified for this project just days after the resignation of the director of the Albanian Road Authority who, prior to his departure, had disqualified the company from competing.

/Ora News.tv/