The “Bregu i Lumit” residents held a protest today against the demolition of their houses, affected by the construction of New Boulevard.

There was a clash between residents and police officers as the residents attacked construction vehicles.

Protesters oppose the demolition of their houses, affected by the New Boulevard project, saying that they are unclear about the way they will be compensated.

With shovels and stones in the hands, the residents expressed their determination to protect their dwellings, the demolition of which was expected to begin in the early hours of the morning, but was prevented when the attempt encountered the resistance of the citizens.

The resident clashes with Police were persistent.

According to the residents, the extension of the New Boulevard cannot be considered without compensation.

About 38 dwellings are expected to be demolished due to the extension of the New Boulevard.

Sources in the Municipality of Tirana inform that these dwellings are disqualified from the legalization process and consequently cannot benefit from expropriation.

Instead, the Municipality has offered them alternatives, such as social housing.