The head of the Municipality of Parma, Federico Pizzaroti, after thanking Mayor Veliaj for the hospitality, expressed his satisfaction for the friendly relations that exist between the two municipalities, while praising the transformation of Skanderbeg Square.

"We talked about culture, economics, and new technologies that make our cities more livable.

"After almost a year, I appreciate this fantastic square and the fact that it is a pedestrian area, providing more sustainability and a space for citizens" said Federico Pizzaroti.

Meanwhile, Veliaj pointed out that Parma is today one of the most developed cities in Italy, allowing Tirana to gain valuable experience especially regarding transport and tourism.

"We want to understand a little better the challenges of mobility, public transport, digitalization of the city and how this has helped to transform the city of Parma.

"We also want to learn a lot about tourism and how the city can be transformed through tourism, how rural areas can live from agro-tourism, and how to enjoy the culinary experience.

"By learning from the best, we can become even better" said Erion Veliaj.

Pizzarotti emphasized, that during a return visit to Parma, a document will be signed formalizing the partnership between the two cities.