Prime Minister Edi Rama in his weekly meeting of co-governance encouraged citizens to find out more about their rights through the Albanian platform Shqipëriaqë

Amid administrative investigations, Rama stated that there were 643 disciplinary measures taken, while about 300 civil employees were dismissed from duty.

Referring to the disbursement of funds to institutions of higher education, Prime Minister Rama announced the postponement of the deadline beyond January 2019, as the government needs an accurate and up-to-date list of student, stating:

“There is a problem with the disbursement of funds to the Universities. We need accurate lists of all students, including their socio-economic situations, and this takes time, therefore, we requested a postponement of the deadline.

Also according to the Prime Minister, the deadline for the employment of students in his administration will be postponed as many students have not been able to complete their documentation on time.

“We will also postpone the deadline for the employment platform, as many students with grade 9-10 who want to apply for jobs in the administration have been unable to do so given the lack of necessary documentation required in the application. There are still about 800 jobs in public administration available." said Rama.

In the University Pact, the deadline for hiring students is May of this year.