In the race for the chief prosecutor of Albania, three names stand out, including the current head of the prosecution, Arta Marku.

After an hour of meetings, the High Council of Prosecution has confirmed the continuation of the process for Olsian Çela, who is a prosecutor in Tirana's Serious Crime court.

The challenge will also continue for Fatjona Memcaj, who is currently a prosecutor at the Appeal Prosecution. However, the 11 HCP members issued a negative decision on the fourth candidate.

The reason: he did not obtain 15 years of experience as a lawyer. The fourth candidate, Alushaj, who comes from a law background, has the right to appeal the HCP's decision.

Any unqualified candidate can appeal to the Administrative Court of Appeals within 5 days and the Administrative Court has the right to make a decision on that candidate within 7 days.

The second stage for the prosecution council is to give the candidates a score. Soon thereafter, the list of 3 names will be passed on to parliament for voting.

The election of the new chief prosecutor requires a majority of MP votes, but in the event of failure, the first candidate listed on the KPL list is automatically nominated to the top of the list.

Following the departure of Adriatik Lalla on December 18th, 2017, Arta Marku was chosen as the temporary prosecutor.