Taulant Balla, calling upon the Tirana Prosecution not to use what he calls machinations to cease the issue in charge of Sali Berisha, Shkëlzen Berisha and Ndue Kalaj for the privatization of the Distribution System Operator, OSSH. He stated:

“I appeal to the Tirana Prosecution and the court not to use machinations to dismiss the case of Sali Berisha, Ndue Kalaj, and Shkëlzen Berisha against whom we have filed criminal charges.

“Albanian citizens have lost over 419 million Euros from the privatization of OSHEE to CEZ.

“I want to use this moment to call upon the Prosecution to continue their investigation and hopefully SPAK, too, will be soon available.

“It is embarrassing that after 18 months after his denunciation, the prosecution still cannot tell us where to find Ndue Nik Kalaj, who is a member candidate for the Prizren Municipal Council in Kosovo.

“Many are afraid of reform in justice because their day in trial is approaching. The path for new justice cannot be interrupted by protests, boycotts or screaming,” said Balla.

For his part, Shkëlzen Berisha expressed obedience to Balla's sentence, while ironically considering the fact that at the time he was accused, he was traveling with a drug trafficker, stating:

“Taulant came up with the thesis that it was the party's duty to lie to the Parliamentary Investigation Commission. He gave no evidence to prove the defamation of the tax evasion which he made up.

“He tried to get all the attention back in the failed Parliamentary Investigation Commission which he himself led. The irony is that, in that period, the defendant accused me of travels and connections with people I had no contacts with. It's been 2 years and they have not verified any single connection.

“It is ironic because at that time, the SP parliamentary chair, the general secretary of the SP, was traveling with a drug trafficker to tourist destinations around Europe.

“This drug trafficker, Edmond Bego, has gotten 6 million Euros from state entities. Not only has he gotten all this cash, but he won over the system by not getting the right to take part in the race because he was convicted of drug trafficking,” said Berisha.

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