August will serve as a month of reflection for Prime Minister Edi Rama and President Ilir Meta regarding the list of candidates for the Constitutional Court.

On Wednesday, the Council of Appointments in Justice will review the 14 candidacies and, at the beginning of August, Ardian Dvorani will submit the rankings according to the Justice Appointment Council evaluations to the Parliament and the President.

“If we, at the beginning of August, redistribute the relevant rankings to the President and the Assembly, they should, within a month, complete their procedures.

“If they do not express the relevant decisions, the Constitution provides a mechanism to ensure the process is not blocked,” said Dvorani.

The Justice Appointment Council will also wait for the Appeal Chamber's decision on the candidate for the Constitutional Court, Valbona Bajo.

Meta and Rama will elect 3 members each, while the other 3 members of the Constitutional Court will depend on the establishment of the Supreme Court which, according to the expectations of the High Council of the Judiciary, begins its fulfilment in September.