Two months before the election, the Central Election Commission is faced with 3 failed projects valued at about 1 billion lekë.

The projects relate to the procedures for preparing for the local elections to be held on June 30.

The tender for ballot papers was contested by one of the participating firms on the 29th of March this year.

Regarding the demand for the production and display of promotional materials and the production of results tables, the contract has been cancelled.

The reasons were cited as being outside the control of the contracting authority and unable to be predicted at the beginning of the procurement procedure.

Because of this situation, preparatory procedures for the June 30th election materials, such as ballot paper production, ballot box security stamps, ballot box buying and ballot paper production, are left to be completed at a later stage.

Sources from the Central Election Commission suggest the delay will not be an obstacle to the successful conduct of the local elections.

Negotiations have already begun with other contracting firms who applied during the tender process, in order to find a solution faster than passing the procurement procedures to the Public Procurement Commissioner.

For each tender, the contracting firms will submit their offer and the Central Election Commission will choose among them the most convenient proposal, before announcing the winner.