The financing of the political parties participating in the June 30th voting remains non-transparent.

In a statement to the media, the Central Election Commission announced that only 5 parties out of the 36 which participated in the June 30th elections have submitted the financial statements for their campaign activity, despite the 26th of September deadline fast approaching.

“So far, out of the 36 political parties that participated in the June 30 elections, only five political parties have submitted their election campaign financial reporting to the CEC.

“Pursuant to the amended Law ‘On Political Parties’, the Central Election Commission will take administrative measures for political parties that violate the law.

“Furthermore, prior to November 26th the legal auditors should submit the election campaign monitoring reports and by December 16, 2019, financial audit reports of political parties,” said the CEC representative, Drilona Hoxha.

The Law on Financing of Political Parties provides for a fine of between 50,000 to 100,000 lekë for violating the legal deadline for submission of financial reports.

Meanwhile, the much discussed case of the vacant position at the head of the municipality of Shkodra will continues to remain without further development as the Central Election Commission still awaits any formal request for the launch of partial elections.