11,300 small businesses were new inclusions in the VAT scheme, with the deadline for declarations having just passed, on July 16th.

The General Directorate of Taxation informs that all subjects belonging to the band 2 - 5 million lekë have submitted to the Tax Administration a simplified declaration of Value Added Tax.

This figure represents about 97% of the total system-generated declarations, for small taxpayers, who carried the obligation to declare and pay the VAT.

Those businesses that have not submitted the declarations will now face penalties, as they are automatically identified to be included in this scheme by the system.

Due to complaints from subjects claiming that they find it too difficult to complete the sales and purchase books, the Tax Administration, from 1 to 16 July, provided 900 small business entities with the necessary assistance to fill in the sales and purchases books, as well as the completion of the simplified VAT statement.

At the end of the deadline for declarations according to which all businesses with earnings over 2 million lekë must have submitted for the VAT, small businesses raised concerns that the added cost would lead to bankruptcy and warned of protest.

The Small Business Association states that the real burden of this scheme will be felt in the coming months when the time comes to pay for it.

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